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Doggy parenting: tips for guiding your dog through the ‘teen’ years

Most pet owners can inform you that the 1st few days with a puppy in the house can be a handful, but the job of getting a good pet parent does not cease when your new pal sleeps through the night for the initial time. Following you finish guiding your pup by means of his earliest life stages, it is essential to keep in mind that he will be going by way of his personal version of the &ldquoteen&rdquo years and will rely on a guiding hand.

The accelerated development of dogs may possibly make it appear as though they move straight from puppy to adult, but just like folks, they also have an adolescent stage. Despite the fact that they could appear grown up, they are still experiencing adjustments that can have a key impact on their behavior and wellness.

&ldquoMany pet owners may not understand that dogs knowledge adolescence,&rdquo says Jeff Werber, DVM, a nationally known veterinarian. &ldquoAt this developmental stage, dogs are no longer puppies, but they are also not very adults. Adolescent dogs have distinct mental, social, physical and nutritional needs that often go unmet, so it is crucial to make certain we are addressing all the aspects that are component of these &lsquoteenage&rsquo years.&rdquo

When your dog goes by way of the &ldquoteen&rdquo life stage &ndash from about 6 months to 2 years &ndash maintain these tips in mind.

* Curb undesirable behaviors: Chewing shoes, soiling the carpet, surfing the counter for scraps of food &ndash these are just some of the behaviors that come up as your nevertheless-young dog grows into his adult body. It is essential to concentrate on instruction for the duration of this time to break poor habits &ndash otherwise you could be dealing with them for life. Attending coaching classes not only helps your dog understand how to behave, it also helps owners find out options for unwanted behaviors. The added advantage of instruction is that it supplies an opportunity to produce a robust bond at 1 of the most impressionable periods of your dog&rsquos life.

* Establish good consuming habits: Just as youngsters have various nutritional requirements than infants and adults, adolescent dogs want food uniquely tailored to their in-amongst requirements. As your dog&rsquos body grows and changes, particular nutrients are specifically critical for brain and skeletal development and digestive health. The new Nutro Organic Selection Young Adult Formula is protein-wealthy and energy-controlled to give your dog the correct balance for his continued development. Keeping the right power level is essential to preventing dogs from becoming overweight. When obesity begins at a young age, it can be tough to fight, and could lead to problems like cancer, arthritis and diabetes in your pet.

* Supervise socializing: Letting your dog interact with other animals is an important portion of accountable pet ownership. Even so, at the adolescent stage, it is critical that you guide your dog&rsquos interactions very carefully. As dogs&rsquo reproductive systems create, both males and females can show indicators of aggression. You may also discover your male dog marking his territory and female dogs may try to flirt with males. When you begin to see these behaviors frequently, it is probably time to discuss spaying or neutering with your vet. Not only can these procedures aid appropriate some hormonally driven bad habits, they will also stop undesirable litters of new puppies.

Providing the correct care and guidance for your pet will set him up for a life of good habits and health. To discover much more about the young adult dog life stage or new Nutro Organic Choice Dog Food go to, visit www.naturalchoiceyoungadult.com.

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