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Creating a dog-friendly meal experience

Mealtime is going…properly, to the dogs – literally. Dumping kibble into a bowl and walking away has grow to be much less and significantly less the norm. Feeding the family dog has evolved into new territory. For instance, have you ever warmed your dog&rsquos food in the microwave prior to serving it to him? You wouldn&rsquot be alone if you have. Possibly you and your dog have a mealtime ritual? Again, you would be in great firm.

A 2012 on the web survey of dog owners by Chef Michael&rsquos brand food for dogs indicated that when feeding their dog, their mealtime rituals included: mixing wet and dry food with each other (33 percent) and preparing food, such as measuring, chopping and heating (28 percent). The newest trend to pop up in doggy mealtime? Food trucks.

Food trucks are growing in reputation in a lot of U.S. cities, so tailoring that expertise to our four-legged friends appears like a logical subsequent stage. Nevertheless, with 78.two million dogs residing as pets in the U.S. according to the 2011-2012 American Pet Items Association National Pet Owners Survey, there simply aren&rsquot adequate pet-friendly food trucks offered to serve them. Enter Chef Michael&rsquos to lead the charge with a new variety of food truck for dogs.

&ldquoWe love the food truck trend, but dogs have largely been left out,&rdquo says Sarah BonDurant, spokesperson for Chef Michael&rsquos. &ldquoFood trucks aren&rsquot just for people. We want each dog to share and appreciate the food truck encounter with their owners.&rdquo

And as it turns out, numerous dog owners agree. That same on the internet survey by Chef Michael&rsquos indicated that nearly 59 % of dog owners surveyed have patronized food trucks for themselves. In addition, 48 percent would probably take their dog to lunch or dinner at a food truck that supplied food for dogs if there was 1 in their neighborhood.

The Chef Michael&rsquos food truck for dogs is currently rolling through the U.S. delivering thoughtful meal experiences for dogs. You can discover out if it will be in your neighborhood by following @thefoodfordogs on Twitter or going to facebook.com/foodfordogs. If the Chef Michael&rsquos food truck isn&rsquot going to make it to your hometown, all hope is not lost for a mobile mealtime knowledge for you and your dog. There is a sweepstakes that will award 25 food trucks across the nation a $ 1,000 cash prize to assist make dog-friendly improvements to their existing truck among other prizes. Visit www.foodtruckfordogssweeps.com for full Official Guidelines and further info.

Have you visited a food truck for dogs and want to continue that a specific expertise for you and your dog at house? Right here are a few rapid guidelines that can aid you make mealtime for your dog just as specific as your own.

* Develop a routine to fit with your mealtimes. Feed your dog at frequently scheduled times, such as when the loved ones is getting breakfast or dinner so they feel integrated.

* Turn meal time into a bonding knowledge. Create a ritual exactly where you spend some good quality 1-on-one time with your dog before or right after the meal.

* Use mealtime to teach your dog a new trick. Nineteen % of dog owners surveyed make their dog(s) do a trick ahead of eating.

* Relax and go for a walk following dinner. There&rsquos no better way for your dog to savor the sights and sounds of your neighborhood than on an evening stroll.

Dogs are a element of the household and deserve the best. Regardless of whether it&rsquos establishing a standard routine or visiting a dog-friendly food truck, meal time shouldn&rsquot be a day-to-day chore.

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