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Cool car upgrades: How to enhance your ride and ease back-to-school stress

Fall has lastly arrived, which means it&rsquos time for the little ones to hit the school books. And as the leaves progressively morph from green to gold, your driving schedule rapidly accelerates from leisurely cruising to nonstop go, go, go.

Apart from taking the children to and from school, there are a lot of following-school activities &ndash football practice, cheerleading tryouts, piano lessons and math tutors &ndash that call for extra drive time. Perhaps a huge-game tailgating celebration is on the agenda, also?

Just before the crazed driving crunch hits, you may want to make certain your vehicle, truck, SUV or van is prepared for the back-to-school rush and very good to go through the fast-approaching vacation season. According to Peter MacGillivray, vice president of events and communication for the Specialty Equipment Marketplace Association (SEMA), an automotive trade organization with six,500-plus member companies, there are endless amounts of revolutionary auto-enhancing goods to assist in the course of the frantic driving season. &ldquoFor 50-plus years, SEMA-member organizations have been designing and generating clever, higher-tech merchandise that enhance a automobile&rsquos appearance, comfort, performance and even fuel-savings,&rdquo mentioned MacGillivray.

Buyers can locate these merchandise and far more at www.enjoythedrive.com.

&ldquoAs households go back to college, a lot of uncover themselves spending more time in their autos. There are automotive accessories that can make the all round ride far better and a lot much less stressful.&rdquo

1. Sit down: Ideal way to make passengers (and your self) happy is to be comfortable. There are plenty of aftermarket seat-enhancing items from soft cushions to luxurious new vehicle seats. There are also higher-tech booster chairs and seats that have folding desks/trays which are ideal for last-minute homework.

two. Youngster alert: For the ultimate in security there are &ldquofuture-is-now&rdquo seats with phone apps that detect and warn when the child wiggles out of the seat and an additional that has a mobile notification system to alert parents if they accidently left a child in a automobile seat. It also offers detailed info about the temperature inside the auto.

3. Strap in: There are lots of stops on the school run and during vacation madness, so safety is best of mind. There are myriad varieties of safety belts and restraint possibilities to hold you and the family securely in location.

4. Just in case: With the long line of impatient parents waiting to drop off or choose up their kids at college, fender benders occur. A versatile rubber license plate bumper will assist shield your automobile &ndash and everybody else&rsquos &ndash from low-speed damage.

five. Cleanup duty: Breakfast on the run with youngsters can be messy. Check out the numerous alternatives of fashionable seat covers and floor mats before the Cap&rsquon Crunch and milk gets everywhere. If disaster does strike, there are a number of auto care items that clean leather, plastic, carpet and windows.

six. Plug in: A good GPS technique will solve the difficulty of receiving lost with the kiddos. There&rsquos a touch mirror display selection that has a GPS and a backup camera in a universally mountable rearview mirror. If your engine light is on, there&rsquos a solution that captures the difficulty code, takes you to a internet site to clarify the dilemma and suggests options. And if you can&rsquot uncover your automobile, there&rsquos an electronic auto finder to support locate it.

7. Hold it: It&rsquos not safe to try and juggle cell phones and tablets whilst driving. Identical goes for hot coffee. Luckily there are articulated mounting systems for technology devices and drinks that can be mounted on the seats and/or dash.

eight. Tire speak: With all the summer driving you&rsquove accomplished, now may possibly be the time for new tires. At the very least, check your tire pressure every month. The correct tire pressure lengthens tire life, saves fuel and enhances safety. A slick digital tire stress gauge makes it easy.

&ldquoThese are just a couple of samples of the aftermarket merchandise available for your car,&rdquo says MacGillivray. &ldquoMost auto components shops and national chains carry them, and you can effortlessly locate them on-line, also.&rdquo

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