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‘Come meet your planet’ and discover the secrets of the natural world

Have you ever watched an amazing nature documentary and wondered how filmmakers captured such amazing scenes and compelling stories? Have you ever wished you could go to some of these identical places oneself, to genuinely knowledge the wonders of the natural planet with all five senses?

If you answered &ldquoyes,&rdquo you&rsquoll be excited to know that one particular of the globe&rsquos best travel companies is partnering with the planet&rsquos top producer of award-winning natural history documentaries to make these wishes a reality.

Tauck, the world-leader in guided, premium-good quality land journeys and cruises, has entered into an exclusive, multi-year partnership with BBC Earth to bring the expertise and perspectives of BBC wildlife filmmakers to Tauck&rsquos itineraries exploring the all-natural planet. &nbspThe BBC is the world&rsquos leading producer of very acclaimed, award-winning all-natural history documentaries, such as Planet Earth, Frozen Planet, Life and The Blue Planet. These series and other BBC productions have reached a lot more than 500 million men and women in more than 180 nations worldwide to date

The new Earth Journeys collaboration will launch in 2014, and initial elements of the partnership are becoming phased into several existing Tauck itineraries over the course of the coming year. All-natural history enthusiasts can pick in between two African safaris (the 12-day &ldquoBotswana, South Africa & Zambia&rdquo itinerary and the 13-day &ldquoKenya & Tanzania: A Classic Safari&rdquo), Tauck&rsquos 13-day &ldquoAntarctica&rdquo cruise expedition, and the company&rsquos six-day &ldquoManitoba: Polar Bear Adventure&rdquo in Canada. Each and every of these special travel experiences offers travelers a distinctive, in-depth and enriching chance to, in the words of Tauck and BBC Earth, &ldquocome meet your planet.&rdquo

Here are just some of the particulars of the new Earth Journeys partnership:

* Tauck will perform with BBC Earth to use the same cutting-edge technologies employed by its filmmakers to bring Tauck guests into much more intimate make contact with with the destinations they&rsquore visiting. Distinct technologies will vary by itinerary, and might incorporate motion-activated camera traps, infrared night-vision cameras, lengthy-range directional microphones, underwater cameras, and small fiber-optic endoscopic cameras.

* BBC Earth will create a series of original, exclusive films that Tauck guests will view on location. These brief (about 10 to 20 minutes) vignettes will make use of BBC Earth&rsquos outstanding resources, including the planet&rsquos biggest collection of nature film footage plus insights and voiceovers from BBC Earth professionals. The resulting films will supply context and add fresh perspective to the animal life and natural wonders that Tauck guests are experiencing for the duration of their travels.

* Tauck will also function straight with BBC Earth filmmakers and naturalists, leveraging their passion and expertise to add further original content material to the portfolio of Earth Journeys itineraries.

* Going forward, BBC Earth will also work with Tauck to co-create entirely new Earth Journeys itineraries for launch in 2015 and beyond.

For much more data on the new collection of Earth Journeys, go to www.tauck.com/bbcearth.

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