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Caregiver 101: Creating a safe and happy environment for your loved ones

Nearly 66 million folks, or 29 % of the U.S. adult population, are supplying care to someone who is ill, disabled or aged, according to the National Center for Caregiving. And, according to AARP, 61 % of family caregivers who are 50-plus also function either full-time or element-time. How can busy caregivers acquire peace of mind that their family members member is happy and safe although they&rsquore working? There are simple house updates to assist enhance the safety and safety of their living space.

Preparing a safe and content residence environment

When you have determined the greatest spot for your loved a single to reside &ndash regardless of whether they live independently, in an assisted living facility or in your property &ndash you&rsquoll want to generate a secure atmosphere. You could enlist the help of a Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPS) to make residential updates or, adhere to these easy suggestions to assist make your family member&rsquos residence a secure place for a lifetime.


Since most slips and falls occur in the bathroom &ndash usually whilst acquiring in and out of the tub or shower &ndash AARP suggests adding grab bars, employing non-skid mats on the tub or shower floors and installing a handheld showerhead for simpler bathing. These basic adjustments can aid keep away from injury.

Moen Home Care products, such as the Designer Grab Bars with Accessories, combine the security advantages of a grab bar with widespread bath essentials, including a towel bar, paper holder, straight shelf and a corner shelf, creating each and every item functional and fashionable. Plus, every single solution is accessible in popular finishes, which includes chrome, brushed nickel and old globe bronze, to coordinate with the rest of your bath.

Subsequent, add protection in the shower with a shower chair or bench. Moen Home Care gives a selection of totally free-standing, ADA-compliant seating alternatives that give an further level of safety and comfort. Or, for a far more fashionable upgrade to the standard, neutral white finish, you could take into account a Fold-Down Shower Seat. This style from Moen Home Care installs directly into the wall studs and folds down for a comfortable and safe shower seat &ndash however folds up for a thin, compact profile when not in use. Plus, the teak wood and stylish metal trim will accentuate the appear of even the most upscale shower.

&ldquoWe know caregivers have adequate to worry about,&rdquo says Laurie Birko, brand manager for Moen Residence Care. &ldquoOur products help make each and every bath a safe bath for their loved ones &ndash although nonetheless keeping a stylish look.&rdquo

For the final measures of the shower makeover, swap the fixed showerhead with a handheld version to permit for bathing in a seated position, and add suction accessories to hold the showerhead and other necessities at a decrease spot for simple access.

Hallways and stairs

Researchers have found that by the time a individual is 60 years old, he or she demands up to 15 times more light than they did at the age of 10 &ndash and that is specifically accurate in darker areas, such as hallways and stairs. Replace all hallway fixtures with higher wattage bulbs or brighter LED lights for added illumination. Also, add nightlights for any middle-of-the-evening trips to the bathroom.

Do you have hand rails at all stairs to aid keep away from falls?&nbsp For shorter staircases, such as the garage entry, nine-inch hand grips are an best answer, as they&rsquore easy to install and are available in a assortment of finishes to complement any space.

Floors and furniture

To keep away from tripping or bumping hazards &ndash and to provide sufficient room for walkers, canes or wheelchairs &ndash move bigger furniture against the wall to generate more open walkways all through the home. Take away loose rugs, or use double-sided tape to guarantee they are securely anchored. Lastly, be certain that any wires and cords are out of the way to stop tripping and falls.


Like other rooms in the residence, make certain there is sufficient lighting, no loose rugs or tripping hazards in the bedroom.&nbsp Other beneficial additions consist of adding rails to the bed are helpful for receiving in and out. Also, to assist keep almost everything inside arms&rsquo reach, produce a bedside &ldquocommand center&rdquo equipped with a phone, clock, lamp and other necessities. Ultimately, location a commode near the bed if a bathroom is not nearby.

With a couple of basic updates you can create a house that is secure for your elder family members – giving you one less thing to worry about in your caregiver part.

For far more information about bath safety items, check out www.moen.com/homecare or www.lowes.com. For a variety of caregiver resources, go to the Caregiving Resource Center at www.aarp.org.

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