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Aging-in-place upgrades that look great and make sense

Do the words &ldquoaging in spot&rdquo and &ldquohome improvement&rdquo conjure pictures of institutional-hunting grab bars in bathrooms and overhead kitchen lights that could illuminate an airport runway? Many people eschew certain types of home improvements for the exact same reason others refuse to wear hearing aids &ndash the damaging connotations of age.

Modifications in mobility, vision, hearing and stability are a reality of increasing older for numerous Americans. Specific types of house improvements can make your residence safer and much more comfortable as you age, permitting you to live there longer. From lovely skylights that fill rooms with vision-friendly natural light and fresh air to slip-resistant flooring in designer colors, these &ldquoaging in spot&rdquo property improvements can be gorgeous as well as functional.

Here are a handful of aging-in-place upgrades that shout &ldquofabulous&rdquo rather of &ldquofogey&rdquo:

In the kitchen

We all commit a excellent deal of time in the kitchen, and it&rsquos the space exactly where we also do the most work. Upgrades that increase your capability to reach critical appliances, improve vision and enhance safety will help you use your kitchen far more effectively for as long as possible.

Age-associated vision changes can necessitate increasing the amount of light in your kitchen. Task lights and under-cabinet lighting can focus illumination where you require it most, and hide discretely out of sight without disrupting the clean lines and unmarked beauty of kitchen cabinets.

Overhead lighting is also critical, but rather than opting for industrial-variety lights that may possibly trigger harsh glare, contemplate introducing organic light. Analysis published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology suggests that natural light may be far better for aging eyes than artificial light. A skylight is an upscale, beautiful property improvement that can advantage boomers with natural light.

Skylights can also help enhance indoor air good quality. Most exposure to environmental pollution occurs by breathing indoor air, according to analysis by the Greenguard Environmental Institute. No leak solar powered fresh air skylights, like these produced by Velux America, not only give healthful all-natural light, they also offer passive ventilation to minimize fumes, humidity and stale air &ndash enhancing all round indoor air quality.

You can improve a skylight&rsquos power efficiency with solar powered blinds. The full daylighting method, plus installation, is eligible for a 30 % federal tax credit. To find out far more about these Energy Star-certified skylights, visit www.veluxusa.com. The web site provides a skylight planner app to show you specifically how skylights and blinds will appear in your residence, as nicely as a tax credit calculator to figure your savings.

In the bath

Falls are a major cause of injuries that outcome in hospitalization of older folks. Most falls in the property happen in the bathroom, so taking precautions in this much-used space tends to make sense. Like them or not, grab bars boost safety in the bathroom. Thankfully, bathroom fixture manufacturers seem to understand the need to have for items that blend safety and beauty. It&rsquos now straightforward to find grab bars in a selection of attractive finishes and styles that complement your interior decor.

Lighting is also critical in the bath, and a fresh air skylight can be beneficial in this space. Skylights provide natural light and passive ventilation although making certain privacy in the bath. If your bathroom is on the ground floor, with out direct roof access, you can nonetheless get pleasure from all-natural light by installing a Sun Tunnel tubular skylight.

Flooring is one more opportunity to blend beauty and practicality in the bathroom. Replacing slick, classic ceramic tiles with slip-resistant flooring such as stone, vinyl or textured ceramic tile, can be visually pleasing and security-enhancing at the identical time.

Outdoors the property

Navigating from the car to the front door can be fraught with peril for older people, yet several people dislike the way specific assistive devices, like ramps, look in front of their house. If you&rsquore not ready to add a ramp, a decorative railing for outdoor stairs is a great option. It&rsquos straightforward to find great-searching choices and practically any residence contractor can assist you create a railing that meets your security wants and meshes properly with your home&rsquos exterior design.

Outdoor lighting is also crucial for safety. Make confident walkways are well lit with low lamps that put illumination directly at your feet. New higher-output solar lights are a wonderful way to effectively light a path even though minimizing energy fees. Ultimately, hold concrete sidewalks and brick pavements in excellent repair. Take care of uneven spots or loose pavers right away, to lessen the threat of falling outside.

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