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A tech refresh: Top reasons to buy a new PC

At four years old, your kid is probably adorable. But your four-year-old Computer &ndash not so significantly. Far more than 300 million computer systems about the globe are much more than 4 years old, which includes one particular-third of American PCs, according to investigation by Intel. Sixty-five percent of those are bulky desktops that are so far behind in terms of technology, they may as effectively be wooden abacuses.

In just 4 quick years, PCs have evolved to be faster, more effective and lightweight, less complicated to use and much more versatile. If you locate you have plenty of time to brew coffee, prepare your cup, drink it down and begin on the subsequent although nonetheless waiting for your Computer to boot up in the morning, it may be time for a new personal computer.

Not convinced you require to purchase a new Computer? Contemplate these warning signs:

* You commit minutes staring at the spinning hourglass while your Pc struggles to download a movie.

* You lug your heavy charger brick everywhere because your Computer&rsquos battery won&rsquot hold a charge for far more than an hour

* The wires and weight of your bulky Computer tie you down to making use of it in one particular place.

* Your Pc freezes when operating too a lot of applications &ndash a problem cited by 36 % of men and women who owned older PCs in the Intel study.

* Your Pc takes also extended to boot up. Thirty-3 percent complained of this difficulty, according to Intel.

Technologies is no longer just a tool for many Americans it&rsquos turn out to be an integral portion of their life style. Mobile technologies tends to make computing on the go simpler than ever, but how do you know what device is appropriate for you?

Technologies advancements over the last 4 years have driven the improvement of thin, light and potent PCs. New PCs have powerful processors that make them rapidly and responsive so factors such as photo editing, HD video streaming, and gaming, run greatest on PCs.

In addition to new PCs, the latest generation of Ultrabook convertibles simply switches from laptop to tablet mode by flipping, folding or twisting the screen, and also have touch capabilities.

If you&rsquore still suffering with an older, slower Pc, here are some more factors to upgrade:

* Right now&rsquos Intel-powered PCs are, on typical, three times more rapidly than PCs constructed just 4 years ago.

* An Intel-powered Ultrabook boots up in much less than seven seconds. A four-year-old Pc can take more than a minute.

* Newer PCs weigh an typical of about three pounds. Older ones? Much more than seven pounds.

* Many modern day PCs are much less than an inch thick.

* Battery life of newer PCs is double that of older models &ndash up to eight hours on a single charge.

* The advent of touch-screen technologies and sharper, clearer screen resolution make newer PCs much more enjoyable to use.

Nonetheless not confident it&rsquos time to buy a new Pc? Think about charges. It may possibly appear like every thing these days, from gas to milk to automobiles, costs far more. But today&rsquos PCs cost, on typical, $ 200 significantly less than that four-year-old dinosaur nevertheless sitting on your desk. For far more tips on how to get a personal computer that&rsquos proper for your demands, check out intel.ly/10P3O5M for a buyer&rsquos guide.

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